Cookies Policy

We use the use of cookies on to improve its performance and provide better use by its visitors.
What is a cookie?
The vast majority of websites and applications use cookies, in order to improve the visitor experience. A cookie is information stored in a small plain text file that the website server, when visited by the user, places on his computer or on his mobile device, through the internet browser (browser). In this way, the server can store information about user sessions, accessing only cookies related to navigation on the website or application.
Why we use cookies:
When browsing our website or application, cookies can identify your browser during the duration of your visit ("session cookies") or during recurring visits ("persistent cookies"). Cookies are used on our websites and applications: for technical reasons (session identification, preferences registration, shopping cart flow ...) to, for example, adapt the presentation of the website or application to the computer's configuration or used mobile device; for the purposes of statistical analysis and traffic management allowing, for example, to improve the ergonomics of the website or application and the relevance of our services, aligning it with your interests; to make commercial offers available on our websites or applications or on websites or applications of third parties, whether related or not to your interests. What kind of cookies do we use?
Session - These files contain information that is not personal but that allows our website to identify you. Analytics - Google Analytics is a Google analytics tool that helps website and application owners understand how their users engage with website properties. Google Analytics uses a set of cookies to collect website usage information and statistics without personally identifying individual visitors to Google. Third party cookies - Depending on your choice, cookies may be registered and accessed by third parties, while browsing our website or application (advertisers, communication agencies, audience measurement companies, etc.). When the navigation path is registered, cookies allow, during their period of validity, that these third parties determine the advertising content likely to correspond to their interests. The use of cookies by third parties is governed by their own privacy policies:
Big Drop Portugal
We grant Big Drop Portugal permission to use HTTP cookies, HTML5 cookies, statistical identifiers and pixel tags on our website and mobile device identifiers in our applications. The information is collected, sent and analyzed on a data management platform and shared with third parties for segmenting audiences, personalization and optimization for advertisers and publishers. For more information, go to
Social networks
To allow you to share content or opinions about our products and services, we have included features that are directly linked to social networks (buttons, plug-ins, ...). These elements can allow social networks to record your navigation path on our website or application, as long as your browser is connected to your personal accounts on the respective networks (even without “Sharing”). The conditions for using the information collected are defined by the social networks themselves, and Democorte does not have any control over the actions taken. To learn more about the use that is made of the data collected during your browsing, and how to configure the respective privacy settings in your social network accounts, we suggest that you consult the respective privacy policies. If the use of your device is shared
As cookies are directly related to the device and browser used, it is not possible to guarantee the identity of the user who accesses during the session. In this way, it is possible that the services and advertisements displayed on your computer or mobile device, only partially correspond to your use (the navigation and preferences of other users of the device can be taken into account). The privacy of your device results from your options, both in terms of usage (which people have access) and in terms of configuration (particularly in relation to cookies).
Your options regarding the use of cookies
There are several options available for managing cookies, specified below.
The settings you configure may affect your internet browsing, as well as the functionality of certain services that require the use of cookies. As such, we waive any responsibility for the consequences of possible degradation of our services, resulting from the inability to register or view cookies on your device.
Computer Browsing (PC)
Through the configuration of your browser parameters, you can manage a series of actions in the administration of cookies in order to accept or refuse their use, at any time, whether in a generic or specific way. As the configuration elements are specific to each browser, we suggest that you follow the corresponding link to learn more:
Cookies management in Google Chrome
Internet Explorer cookie management
Cookie management in Mozilla Firefox
Safari cookie management
Edge cookie management
For other mobile devices (smartphones, tablets), we suggest consulting your browser's help menu.
Inter-professional platforms
Some interprofessional platforms allow the management of online cookies.
As an example, we refer to the YourOnlineChoices page, created by several digital advertising professionals, grouped in the European association EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance). The user can choose to enable or disable the use of cookies that correspond to the display of advertisements related to their points of interest, for entities registered on this platform: Other Tools
In addition to the solutions mentioned above, there are tools (in the form of plug-ins or add-ons for the browser), developed by third parties, which allow the control of the collection and use of cookies. Additional information about cookies:
For additional information on cookies, we suggest requesting clarification from the National Data Protection Commission (CNPD) website: PHONE: 212 102 316/962 352 767
Last update date, March 2, 2020